Goddess Statues

Goddess Statues

Each Goddess is handmade from porcelain and finished with precious metals such as Gold or Platinum. 


Choose a  Goddess from different cultures all over the world to help bring good vibes and feminine energy to your home. 


Oshun (Osun): One of the most powerful Orishas from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Oshun is the bringer of song, music and dance. Prosperity and Fertility. 



Silver Fox:  She exisits in many forms throughout the different First Nations American tribes. In the Miwok tradition, Silver Fox sings the world into existance with Coyote when the world was nothing but water. 


Xochiquetzal:  The Aztec Goddess of love, fertility, flowers and the arts and much more! I used my artistic license here and chose to depict her as Mexicos beautiful quetzal bird as she was often shown with the feathers of this bird in her hair. 


Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, justice, strategy the arts and skill in crafts. Often depicted with an owl for wisdom, Athena was not born but sprange from the head of her father Zeus, fully armoured and shouting a war cry!


Bastet (or Bast):  this ancient Egyptian goddess of cats is a protective goddess of the home, family, women and children, pleasure, sexuality, fertility music and dance. She carries a sistrum, a type of rattle that is used to scare away evil spirits. 


Astarte:  A Phoenician goddess, the evening star, ruler of the night. Astarte is a stong and often fierce goddess of passion. 


Ishtar: The Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love. fertility and war. Her symbols are the lion and the eight pointed star. 



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